It pays to know the cool spots in town.....

This Long Beach couple knew exactly where to shoot their wedding pics, have their wedding reception, and knew who to use as their wedding vendors.....Long Beach locals!
Katie Roberston, a local wedding photographer for Red Loft Studios, decided one of her favorite mansions on Ocean Blvd, Wethering Heights, for their wedding day.  They wanted a casual, artsy, backyard picnic feel and they got it!  Their artistic eye helped them create a unique look that represented them.  From the vintage suitcases to the tablecloths, every guest knew whose wedding they were attending. 
They planned to hit every favorite coffee shop, alley, and street corner to get the pictures that showcased their awesome little city....the LBC.  Cruising down Ocean Blvd in a classic mustang convertible, they couldn't have picked a better place and a more perfect Southern California day!

Katie wanted only vintage flowers and herbs that could be found in your nona's backyard garden.  Camamille, daisies, rosemary were some of the many flowers placed in antique bottles and mason jars throughout the wooden picnic tables.  They were so much fun to work with.....but you could probably tell that from the pictures......
Is "Theme-y" A Word???

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a bride say she didn't want her wedding to be "theme-y", I'd be rich!  But no bride and groom should compromise their personal style and favorite things.  It IS your wedding after all!

Although, there are subtle ways to get the hint across that the beach is your favorite place.....or that you LOVE lemons and all things yellow. What if you REALLY have to incorporate your groom's love for video games? 80's movies? Plaid shirts? Oops, now I'm talking about my husband.  Anyways!

Remember, your guests are going to take the centerpieces home so you don't want it to look like the Eiffle Tower threw up all over it.  

You can let all your creative juices out on the entry table!  This is a great way to place anything personal that represents your theme!  Go big!  Or you can keep it simple and name every table a video game instead of a number.  You can get funky with the place card table and the party favors.  

Unless your guests are wearing costumes, let's stay away from "theme-y" ok?